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Heli AC Electric Forklift 1-2.5ton

Johnson Taylor Forklifts specification of the Heli AC electric forklift 1-2.5ton.

Typhoon Special Needs Gate (Semi-Automated)

Our Special Needs Gate is designed to offer reliable controlled access such as guarded lobbies, reception areas, museums, libraries and health clubs. The gates are suited for in conjunction with our top range of turnstiles, meeting the additionalaccess needs of items such as trolleys, wheelchairs and baby buggies.

Scorpion™ Single Directional Spike Barrier

The Single Direction Spike Barrier is designed for heavy-duty use in high security control applications where ongoing vehicle theft occurs through an exit or entrance only passage. The application of the single direction spike barrier is highly cost effective as it has no electrical components. It is a strictly low maintenance access control system. The single direction traffic flow spike barrier is designed to control traffic flow in one direction.

Product Overview

Ventura Engineering Equipment's products range from radiators and oil coolers to cooling fans. The products are manufactured to the highest standards, to suit each client's unique technical requirements. These components are mainly designed for heavy duty requirements and have been adapted for use as fuel and water coolers as well as heaters. Ventura products can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Roofing: Sikalastic® 621

Sikalastic-621 MTC is the one stop solution for detailing on most types of roofing materials - bitumen, PVC and FPO - with added benefits. Sikalastic 621 is a unique high build, high performance, single component, moisture triggered PU liquid applied membrane which can be used over Sarnafil PVC & TPO / FPO and Sikaplan PVC membranes for many applications. Nothing beats it as the ideal and universal solution for the most challenging details on any roof in new build or refurbishment. It can be brushed, rolled or spray applied, therefore offers ease of application for the contractor and a longterm, watertight solution for the building owner.

Bronx Safety Footwear

Bronx Safety Footwear: Bronx Fusion and Bronx Avid. Safety shoes for whatever and whenever.

Barrow Setter

The Barrow Setter is a floor setting type machine, which can be equipped with either a standard size brick mould or any block mould as required. The moulds are easily interchangeable.

Deb Stoko - Occupational Skin Care Range

Deb and Stoko have come together to create the worlds leading occupational skin care specialist; combining innovation, science and over 80 years of expertise to lead the fight against occupational skin disorders.The new Deb Stoko Range will deliver improved health & safety, reduced environmental impact and a measurable economic value.

Ventura Industrial Oilcoolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of industrial oil coolers.

U8Z - Series U - Circular Arc Profile

The U8Z-series of impellers is a successful development of the 8W-series. This series of impellers was specifically developed to produce high flow rates at relatively low rotational speeds. The blades have a regular circular arc profile with a consistent blade width from tip to root. The U8Z-series is specifically designed for ventilation systems, condensers, refrigeration plants, air conditioning plants, coolers and cooling towers...