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ECO Series High Pressure Pumps

The ECO series of high pressure pumps has been specifically designed for inexpensive misting/fogging applications. These pumps can also be installed in compact pressure washers with small flow rates and low operating pressures.

VII Jet Laser Machines

The VII Laser Printers series provides high-performance marking and engraving lasers handle nearly all marking and engraving tasks. The marks and engravings produced set standards and persuade with their brilliance, permanence, protection against forgery, and precision.

WingFan Axial Cooling Fans

WingFan boasts a range of axial cooling fans which are extremely reliable for heavy duty cooling applications. These WingFan-fans are available in different families with blade counts between 3 and 16 blades. They are available in diameters ranging from 300 to 2000 mm.

P2H + P3H - Series P Airfoil Profile

The P2H and P3H-series of axial impellers utilise blades with an airfoil profile. This profile is chosen for a wide range of applications including HVAC, compressor and engine driven equipment. The blade dimension is chosen to provide a uniform air speed over the entire useable blade area, resulting in optimum performance.

Cyclone™ Glass Full Height Turnstile

The Cyclone full height turnstile is used to control high traffic volumes at medium risk areas. It is most suitable for office receptions, colleges, health clubs and stadiums. Available in 3- and 4-arm configurations, single or double. Cyclone turnstiles are compatible with any access control system...

Electric High Pressure Cleaners

Hawk offers a range of over 20 standard electric high pressure washers for industrial cleaning applications. As a local manufacturer in South Africa, Hawk is able to custom design an electric high pressure cleaner to suit specific requirements. The range includes volumes of 10 - 36 l/min and pressure of 120 - 500 bar. They are available on a variety of mobile trolleys, cabinets and trailer chassis...

Re-Usable Rubber Traffic Island

The re-usable rubber traffic island is used for pay parking systems to mount equipment on to e.g. ticket dispenser, card capture units, pay stations, pay kiosks, access control readers, biometric readers or any other systems that are used to open boom gates, sliding gates, spike barriers, road blockers, speed gates or any physical automated and non-automated access equipment.

Sikafloor® Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Areas with High Aesthetic Requirements

Highly decorative flooring solutions for the highest aesthetic demands. The decorative flooring solutions from Sika allow the creation of an almost unlimited combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. The results of this flexibility in design are rooms so unique and distinctive that...

Verdes: Brick Making Machinery

Brick making machinery, linears box-feeders, roller mills, monobloc de-airing extruders....

Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

General information regarding the Ventura range of tube and shell heat exchangers.