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Roofing: Sikalastic® 614

MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemistry) Systems incorporate a unique technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This means the waterproof membranes are capable of curing in a wide range of conditions including extreme temperature ranges and humidity variations. Unlike traditional polyurethane systems they do not release CO2, which often causes gassing, and application is not delayed by adverse weather conditions. Once applied the membranes are waterproof and will not show an adverse reaction to water. Within the MTC Systems is a Sikalastic membrane that cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection. Its liquid application means it can be easily applied to all complex detail areas.

WingFan Axial Cooling Fans

WingFan boasts a range of axial cooling fans which are extremely reliable for heavy duty cooling applications. These WingFan-fans are available in different families with blade counts between 3 and 16 blades. They are available in diameters ranging from 300 to 2000 mm.

Pyrotec Packmark Catalogue

Pyrotec PackMark has built its market knowledge and consultative approach by implementing a wide array of well-targeted coding and labelling solutions for numerous industries. Pyrotec PackMark is capable to adapt its offer to your specific needs. Pyrotec PackMark delivers the right insights, technologies and support to help your packaging operations overcome increasing competitive pressure, more complex operations and demanding retailer and regulatory mandates.

From Pyrotec

Sporty: Field Marking Solutions

The Sporty is the next generation in line marking solutions for sports fields. It's ease of use and durability makes it a clear winner when it comes to marking clean straight and curved lines on sports fields. They are perfect for schools, sports clubs and municipalities for applying line marking paint quickly and with the minimum of effort. The tank is pressurised using the easy hand pump and the material is then applied at pressure through the nozzle.

Removable and Static Bollards

Boomgate Systems has developed a range of bollards and balustrades over the years, covering high security anti-ram bollards, lockable removable security bollards, hooped bollards and high security automated bollards. Applications: motor show rooms, hotels, airports, paraplegic parking, VIP parking...

Pro Auto Rubber - Ford Ranger T6 - Load Bin Dust Seal Kit

Pro Auto Rubber presents their new Load Bin Dust Seal Kit for the Ford Ranger T6 Series Single, Double and Extended cab. Developed specifically for the Ford Ranger and fitted correctly, it completely seals the load bin.

Cab Type Plate Handling

The THS Standard enables to clearly and durably laser-mark planeworkpieces, particularly type plates out of metal or plastic material.The Type Plate Handling is suitable for the integration into the LSG65 or LSG100 laser safety housing.Whether laser-marked with barcode, text or graphics the uniqueSoftware cablase allows an easy and intuitive operation for markingyour parts, one by one or in series. Additional Software modulesare available for the identification with 2D Codes according to UID,HIBC standard or DIN/ISO verification and also for the connectionto your ERP System. cab is a certified SAP Software partner.The open Software platform allows the connection to all ERPsystems.The THS Standard is, inter alia, used for the serial production ofgear units, pumps and drives to create the specific type plates.

BoltMark II Series EBS 6600/6900

The continuous ink-jet system that leads the market in innovative design, easy operation and sustainability. The BoltMark EBS Series is an entirely new and improved small- character ink-jet system designed for exacting in-line product and package coding.

Self Emptying Rocker Barrow

Rocker barrow with simple foot release. Applications: building and construction, factory waste, packaging, manufacturing bulk articles, agricultural and refuse.

Diesel High Pressure Cleaners

Hawk's range of diesel high pressure cleaners. Available with a wheelbarrow chassis, a 4-wheel push trolley and a 4-wheel steerable trolley.