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Typhoon Special Needs Gate (Semi-Automated)

Our Special Needs Gate is designed to offer reliable controlled access such as guarded lobbies, reception areas, museums, libraries and health clubs. The gates are suited for in conjunction with our top range of turnstiles, meeting the additionalaccess needs of items such as trolleys, wheelchairs and baby buggies.

Magna Locks

Magna Locks are the most versatile magnetic locks on the market. They are easy to install, robust, low maintenance, cost effective and are made to suit harsh environments...

Warrior™ Hydraulic Bollards

The hydraulic bollard can be used to control vehicles in either one way or two way configurations and is specifically designed to interface with our extensive range of access control security systems, remote manned operation or open/close vehicle loop detectors.

Sikafloor® and Sikagard® Selection Guide

Sikafloor®-CR and Sikagard®-CR ranges are the state of the art in products specifically developed for floor, wall and ceiling coatings in cleanroom environments. Sikafloor and Sikagard are suitable for all clean manufacturing facilities with a controlled level of contamination, such as minimum particle and VOC/AMC emissions.

Boomgate Genius Rapid Access Barriers

The Genius Rapid BGST201 and BGST D107 barrier is manufactured and designed to handle a high volume oftraffic and has a 100% duty cycle. The barrier is equipped with a 24V DC motor which lifts the boom arm througha sinusoidal level system which allows the boom arm to be locked in both up and down position.Barrier has life expectancy of 3 million operations and comes with a 1 year warranty.


Solarvent offers a range of high and low pressure solar geysers that are excellent energy-savers as well as convenient year-round suppliers of hot water. Solarvent is also in line with the latest building regulations in South Africa (SANS 10400) that require alternative energy sources to be employed in all new buildings and have a marked focus on environmental sustainability.

Specification: Rocker Bins

Specification of Ehrenberg rocker bins.

R4Z - Series R - Reversible Impellers

The R4Z-series of axial impellers have been developed for applications requiring reversible operation. The symmetrical blade profile allows reversed operation in order to move an equal air volume in either direction. Compared to the common compromise, where every second blade is turned by 180°C, the Wingfan series R4Z offers the following advantages: improved efficiency, lower absorbed power and lower noise levels.

Tornado™ Half Height Turnstiles

The Tornado half height turnstile is used for ultra high traffic flow at medium risk areas. It is suitable for exterior and interior applications. Available in a 4-arm configuration, single or double.

Ventura Thin LIne U Tube

General information regarding the Ventura range of thin line U-tube coolers.