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Car Wash High Pressure Cleaners and Other Equipment

Hawk car wash systems are available in several versions to suit any car wash from smaller operations to large truck washing installations. For car washing a high pressure cleaning unit with pressures of between 100 - 150bar is usually required (anything higher and decals may be stripped of vehicle). Cleaners with a volume output of 10 - 15l/min is sufficient.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Hot water high pressure washers are ideal for removing oil, grease and other heat reactive substances. The Hawk E-Hot electric hot water high pressure washer makes use of an electric element to heat the water up to 65 degrees Celsius which then passes through the high pressure pump...

Sika® FerroGard® -903+

Sika FerroGard -903+ is a unique blend of non toxic, organic corrosion inhibitor based on amino alcohol and salts of amino alcohol technology, designed for use as an impregnation on hardened reinforced concrete. FerroGard -903 penetrates the concrete and forms an adsorbed protective film on the surface of the steel reinforcement.

Sika Technology and Concepts for Roofing

Sika roofing solutions for exposed roofs, gravel ballasted roofs, green roofs, utility roofs, special roof designs, refurbishment of bitumen roofs, refurbishment of metal roofs, refurbishment of polymeric roofs...

Sika Technologies and Solutions for Waste Water Treatment Plants

Sika waste water treatment plant solutions for: sewers, screening channels, grit, fat and grease chambers, primary sedimentation tanks, biological tanks, gasometers, digestion tanks, filtration beds, secondary sedimentation tanks, technical service buildings and new constructions...

Pro Wing® Speedstile

The modular compact design with removable access door allows for easy installation and maintenance. The Pro Wing speedstile is designed with user safety in mind. There are no sharp edges or rough surfaces and all external surfaces have a smooth brush finish. The Pro Wing speedstile is used in banks, reception areas, airports, leisure facilities, museums and railway stations or any application where high volume access needs to be controlled with a medium level of security.

Self-Tipping Rocker Bins

Our rocker tip trailer is designed for the fast and efficient transportation of a variety of goods. Its unique tipping ability, brought about by the disengagement of the locking mechanism, allows for fast dumping or unloading. The emptied bin then rocks back into its original position.

Sikafloor® Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Areas with High Aesthetic Requirements

Highly decorative flooring solutions for the highest aesthetic demands. The decorative flooring solutions from Sika allow the creation of an almost unlimited combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. The results of this flexibility in design are rooms so unique and distinctive that...

Roof Waterproofing Systems with Sikalastic® Liquid Applied Membrane

The new liquid applied SikaRoof Systems are based on cold, hand-applied 1-component or machine-applied 2-component polyurethane resins, which cure and form seamless, fully bonded, homogeneous waterproof membranes. SikaRoof Systems are used for both new and refurbishment works as full surface waterproofing, repairing , detailing and flashings.

HSA Systems

HSA Systems delivers solutions to a wide range of applications withinPrimary PackagingSecondary PackagingTertiary Packaging or printing directly on to: Industrial parts, such as cables, gypsum boards and wood