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Cab Label Printer MACH 4S

MACH 4S offers all the features of a high class industrial printer with a wide application range.Labels and ribbons can be inserted from the front. The print mechanism and housing are madeof premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in their form and function.

Cab Laser Marking Systems

The Label Marker marks labels different in size precise anddirectly from the roll. Labels can be cut out without anyadditional tools. The labels can be singularized after themarking by the automatic cutting knife or can be rolled up bymeans of the External Rewinder ER4/300 LM.

Cab Product Marking

Cab has been the first company in the marketto come up with stand-alone printers, easyreplacement of print heads and rollers aswell as translucent covers. Highly skilleddevelopment engineers constantly aspireto the latest most effective solutions.

Cab PX Series Print Module

Perfect function, high reliability, easy to handle operation andless maintenance downtime.The PX print module is designed especially for the fully automaticprint and apply operation in the industrial use. It can beintegrated in each orientation and used for complex labelingapplications.

Cab SQUIX Label Printers

The professional SQUIX label printers are the further developmentof the successful A+ printer series. They fit with a wide rangeof industrial applications. They have been developed withfocus on easy and convenient operation and high reliability.

Cab Type Plate Handling

The THS Standard enables to clearly and durably laser-mark planeworkpieces, particularly type plates out of metal or plastic material.The Type Plate Handling is suitable for the integration into the LSG65 or LSG100 laser safety housing.Whether laser-marked with barcode, text or graphics the uniqueSoftware cablase allows an easy and intuitive operation for markingyour parts, one by one or in series. Additional Software modulesare available for the identification with 2D Codes according to UID,HIBC standard or DIN/ISO verification and also for the connectionto your ERP System. cab is a certified SAP Software partner.The open Software platform allows the connection to all ERPsystems.The THS Standard is, inter alia, used for the serial production ofgear units, pumps and drives to create the specific type plates.

Cabinet High Pressure Cleaners

A cabinet mounted high pressure washer is ideal for static cleaning stations such as car washes, truck washes, abattoirs etc. The cabinets are manufactured from durable 304 stainless steel and are available as floor or wall mounts. The electric pressure washer system is enclosed in the cabinet with doors for easy accessibility for maintenance and repairs.

Car Wash High Pressure Cleaners and Other Equipment

Hawk car wash systems are available in several versions to suit any car wash from smaller operations to large truck washing installations. For car washing a high pressure cleaning unit with pressures of between 100 - 150bar is usually required (anything higher and decals may be stripped of vehicle). Cleaners with a volume output of 10 - 15l/min is sufficient.

Card Capture and Dispenser Units

To capture visitor cards. The unit does not read information on the cards, it only acknowledges if a card is dropped into the capture unit or dispensed. The unit can be used indoors and outdoors.

Concertina Barrier

Manual by hand. Pull open to required distance. It can be equipped with spikes for additional security. The barrier is powder coated white or yellow with red reflective tape and is constructed from extruded aluminium 75 x 25mm. Applications: temporary road closure, traffic control, construction sites, pedestrian flow control and vehicle flow control.

Cooling and Ventilation

Ventura Engineering's range of cooling and ventilation equipment includes heavy duty cooler units, oil coolers, Tripac range of high performance fans, mobile cooling units, air blast cooler units, stock oil cooler range, shell and tube coolers, plate type coolers, circulation fans, cone exhaust fans, hanging fans for circulation in large open areas...


Boomgate Systems turnstiles arecompatible with any access controlsystem, time and attendance systemor ticketing system. Only requires an/o voltage free input trigger set forhalf a second.


Boomgate Systems turnstiles arecompatible with any access controlsystem, time and attendance systemor ticketing system. Only requires an/o voltage free input trigger set forhalf a second.