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Garret PD6500i Walk Through Metal Detector

Boomgate Systems offers Walk Through Metal Detectors to suit any requirement and they are exported worldwide.Todays international regulatory standards for security metal detection are the most demanding ever. The new PD6500i provides superior target detection with unmatched discrimination of harmless items like coins, jewellery, keys and cigarette packets. The PD6500i has a unique 33-zone pinpoint detection system, providing the in safety, throughput and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications.

Genius™ Drop Arm Pedestrian Barrier

Genius pedestrian barrier is used to control high traffic volumes at medium risk areas and is suitable for interior installations only. Available in a Euro Style and Square configuration. Low security rating.

Glide Master™ Cantilever Gates

The gate is designed to open and close by running in the air. The gate support tower and cantilever support frame is designed to ensure smooth and effortless operation every time. The gate is not affected by the condition of the road surface its closing over, like curbs, falls for drainage. The gate can close over a railway track.


Boomgate Systems offers the widest range of Goosenecks to suit any requirement. They can be used for vehicle access control with a card or Bio-metric reader. It is designed to make a card reader or Bio-metric Reader more accessible for the driver in a vehicle.