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HandJet EBS-250D

The Handjet EBS-250D - A revolutionary, technically innovativehand-held device for portable marking and coding applications.

HandJet EBS-260

The EBS-260 with a multiple of new functions,is the big brother of the hugely successful EBS-250printing system.

HAWK 4200LP LinePro: Line Marking Unit

The Hawk LinePro is a line marking machine which is ideal for marking of roads, parking lots, garages, factories, sports fields and schools. It is easy to use, simple to maintain and durable enough to suit the tough South African market.

HFR Series: High Pressure Pumps

The HFR high pressure pumps are high volume and a popular choice for drain and sewer cleaning applications...

HHP Series: High Pressure Pumps

The HHP series of high pressure pumps have manifolds constructed from Ecobrass which is an environmentally friendly brass alloy which has a very high mechanical strength, equivalent to 316SS. It is more cost-effective than the stainless steel versions. As there is no lead in the alloy, it is suitable for pumping of drinking water. This piston pump is also suitable for pumping sea water.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Hot water high pressure washers are ideal for removing oil, grease and other heat reactive substances. The Hawk E-Hot electric hot water high pressure washer makes use of an electric element to heat the water up to 65 degrees Celsius which then passes through the high pressure pump...

HSA Systems

HSA Systems delivers solutions to a wide range of applications withinPrimary PackagingSecondary PackagingTertiary Packaging or printing directly on to: Industrial parts, such as cables, gypsum boards and wood


Boomgate Systems turnstiles are compatible withany biometric reader, access control, time andattendance system. Only requires a n/o voltagefree input trigger set for half a second.Turnstile only requires one bio reader.

Hydro Vessel Hydro-Powered Power Packs

Hawk's Hydro Vessels come in three models: 60, 80 and 135 litres per minute at 180 bar. The units are enclosed within a robust, hot-dipped galvanised steel shell which provides protection for the system and safety for the operators. They are designed to be compact and are shaped for ease of maneuverability over rough terrain as a key consideration. The power-packs can be dragged to where they will be used.