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Label dispensers HS and VS

Two dispensing directionsTwo versions are available so as toensure that the labels can be removedproperly for every use.

HS Horizontal dispensing directionfor label rolls with bottomleading print imagePeel off the label upwards from itsbottom edge and stick it to the product.

VS Vertical dispensing directionfor label rolls with top leadingprint imagePeel off the label forward from its upperedge and stick it to the product from theshortest distance possible.Particularly suitable for larger labels as theadhesive side

Laser marking

Laser is economic when it comes to marking smallcomponents or even large workpieces preciselyand marking lasers have been designed to solve a wide rangeof applications. It is possible to mark stagnant productsof metal or plastics in a wide range of industries.

Laser marking system XENO 1

XENO 1 completes the range of cab laser marking systemsin the lower price segment. Processing the system complieswith high industrial standards.The marking plane is adjustable in heights up to 200 mmwith the motor-driven moveable Z-axis and easily and quicklywith the focus finder. In case of graduated marking surfaces,the scan head is automatically tracked by software.