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NMT & NPM Series: High Pressure Pumps

These high pressure piston pumps last longer and are more corrosion resistant than before. The manifold and crankcase have a new design. The u-shaped seal packings last 3 times longer than the previous design. The crankshaft length has been extended to 40mm, making these piston pumps better for coupling to electric motors. The ceramic pistons are attached to the piston guide using a nut which prevents accidental unscrewing. The NMT pressure pump range is now also available with nickel-plated head and plugs.

NST Series: High Pressure Pumps

Hawk has been making major improvements to their already outstanding range of pumps using a computer design program called FEM. This program predicts where a pump could be upgraded. The latest group of pumps to be analysed is the NST range. The pumps are now available in a bare shaft version or hollow shaft for direct coupling to electric motors, saving space and the need for bell housings and flexible couplers.