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R4Z - Series R - Reversible Impellers

The R4Z-series of axial impellers have been developed for applications requiring reversible operation. The symmetrical blade profile allows reversed operation in order to move an equal air volume in either direction. Compared to the common compromise, where every second blade is turned by 180°C, the Wingfan series R4Z offers the following advantages: improved efficiency, lower absorbed power and lower noise levels.

Re-Usable Rubber Traffic Island

The re-usable rubber traffic island is used for pay parking systems to mount equipment on to e.g. ticket dispenser, card capture units, pay stations, pay kiosks, access control readers, biometric readers or any other systems that are used to open boom gates, sliding gates, spike barriers, road blockers, speed gates or any physical automated and non-automated access equipment.

Remacon Yfel

A Free Standing Flexible Option FOR DryBulk Material separation, A South AfricanDesigned Product For Local Conditions.

Removable and Static Bollards

Boomgate Systems has developed a range of bollards and balustrades over the years, covering high security anti-ram bollards, lockable removable security bollards, hooped bollards and high security automated bollards. Applications: motor show rooms, hotels, airports, paraplegic parking, VIP parking...

Rocker bins can do more with your forklifts

Our rocker bins are designed for fast and efficient handling of a variety of goods. They are well balanced, both empty and loaded, and the forks slide easily yet securely into the "shoes" of the bins.

Roof Waterproofing Systems with Sikalastic® Liquid Applied Membrane

The new liquid applied SikaRoof Systems are based on cold, hand-applied 1-component or machine-applied 2-component polyurethane resins, which cure and form seamless, fully bonded, homogeneous waterproof membranes. SikaRoof Systems are used for both new and refurbishment works as full surface waterproofing, repairing , detailing and flashings.

Roofing: Sikalastic® 614

MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemistry) Systems incorporate a unique technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This means the waterproof membranes are capable of curing in a wide range of conditions including extreme temperature ranges and humidity variations. Unlike traditional polyurethane systems they do not release CO2, which often causes gassing, and application is not delayed by adverse weather conditions. Once applied the membranes are waterproof and will not show an adverse reaction to water. Within the MTC Systems is a Sikalastic membrane that cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection. Its liquid application means it can be easily applied to all complex detail areas.

Roofing: Sikalastic® 621

Sikalastic-621 MTC is the one stop solution for detailing on most types of roofing materials - bitumen, PVC and FPO - with added benefits. Sikalastic 621 is a unique high build, high performance, single component, moisture triggered PU liquid applied membrane which can be used over Sarnafil PVC & TPO / FPO and Sikaplan PVC membranes for many applications. Nothing beats it as the ideal and universal solution for the most challenging details on any roof in new build or refurbishment. It can be brushed, rolled or spray applied, therefore offers ease of application for the contractor and a longterm, watertight solution for the building owner.