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Ventura Industrial Oilcoolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of industrial oil coolers.

Ventura Integral Fans

General information regarding the Ventura Cooling and Ventilation's range of integral fans.

Ventura Plate Type Oil Coolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of Plate type oil coolers.

Ventura Thin LIne U Tube

General information regarding the Ventura range of thin line U-tube coolers.


Exhaust, circulation and ventilation fans. The VT1400 is the largest fan of its type in the local marketplace, and boasts a 1400mm (55") impeller with blades from durable and corrosion resistant aircraft grade aluminium. It is electronically balanced for optimal vibration-free operation. The impeller blades are of low noise design and self cleaning, requiring a minimum of power input.

Verdes: Brick Making Machinery

Brick making machinery, linears box-feeders, roller mills, monobloc de-airing extruders....

VII Jet Laser Machines

The VII Laser Printers series provides high-performance marking and engraving lasers handle nearly all marking and engraving tasks. The marks and engravings produced set standards and persuade with their brilliance, permanence, protection against forgery, and precision.