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Triumph Industrial Turnstile

Turnstar TRIUMPH Full Height Industrial Turnstile

Suited for applications requiring high volume access and high levels of security. Used extensively in applications such as mines, factories, warehouses and stadiums


Uni4000 Door Locks

Uniclox Uni4000 intelligent door lock provides all the security and convenience of biometric access control with none of the hassle.


Vision UniGuard Smart Patrol

By implementing Uniclox UniGuard, companies are ensured of accurate, unbiased information on actual patrols of business premises. Managers can control inspection schedules and cut supervision time and costs.



When the age of computers dawned it was widely assumed that the classic punch clock would simply disappear. However the mechanical time recorder is still a mainstay in many work environments that demand a heavy-duty, economical, easy-to-use clocking method.

Clocks and Clock Components

Clocks and Clock Components

Uniclox wall clocks are found in government offices, schools, hospitals and industrial organisations where reliable and efficient time-keeping is needed. Mounted wall-clocks are available in sizes from 200-600mm diameter, and all models have clear hands and numerals for legibility. Digital illuminated time and date clocks are also offered. All clocks and components are fully guaranteed.

HandPunch 2000

HandPunch and HandKey Hand Geometry Terminals

Instead of punching manual or electronic timecards, employees simply place their hand on the pad of the discreet HandPunch terminal. It automatically takes a three-dimensional reading of the size and shape of the hand and verifies the user\'s identity in less than one second.



The Uni100 is easy to install and intuitive to use, offering the latest biometric fingerprint verification. The terminal is capable of being networked on a standard TCP/IP network, but has a USB port for remote or stand-alone installations. A large colour screen and touch keypad makes the unit easy to use.



This terminal is suitable for standalone or networked installation, there is a clear date and name display. The terminal and software are easy to install and intuitive to use.

Traffic Master Vehicle Barrier

Traffic Master Automatic Industrial Vehicle Barrier

Turnstar has chosen to manufacture all standard vehicle barrier cabinets from powder coated 3Cr12 stainless steel. It is designed for the harshest of conditions.

Uni900 FaceID Terminal

Uni900 FaceID Terminal

The new Uni900 optical face recognition is an elegant and understated entry-level terminal suitable for offices and high-end retail environments....

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