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F61 Aerosol Range

F61 Aerosol Range

F61 is the new range of specially formulated aerosols from SMP. Offering superior quality products in convenient aerosol cans, the F61 range is ozone-friendly and environmentally safe.

CAB Hermes

CAB Hermes

The Hermes+ is a fully print and apply system for labeling processes on production lines. Precise label positioning and a robust design make the Hermes+ the choice for industrial labeling applications.

ZIP HydroBoil

ZIP HydroBoil

The ZIP HyroBoil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preparation, at the touch of a lever.

ZIP Chiller

ZIP Chillers

Upright water chiller plumbed directly to the cold water connection with lever-action carafe filler and bubbler.

ZIP HydroTap

ZIP HydroTap

The ZIP HydroTap with its five-micron filter system, removes impurities but leaves essential fluoride, giving you healthy boiling and chilled, filtered water instantly.

Single Column Safety Shower

Safety Showers and Eyewashes

Hawk manufactures a range of emergency safety showers and eye wash stations which are used to reduce the risks of exposure to harmful chemicals. These emergency showers are simple to install and easy to operate.

Hawk High Pressure Piston Pumps

High Pressure Piston Pumps

Hawk's core business centres around pumps and pumping equipment and therefore offers an extensive range of high pressure piston pumps.

Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Hawk offers a wide range of nozzles to suit almost any application. They are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass and plastic.

Block Wire Brush - Fine

Industrial Brushes

Kinghorn Industrial Brushware design and actualise custom-made, specialised brushware for use in all industries.

Olympic Modular Building System

Olympic, Venus, Econocube, Fibreglass Huts

Manufacturer of fibreglass products for railways, mines, municipalities and private companies.

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