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Genius™ Rapid Access Barrier

The Genius Rapid BGST - D107 barrier is manufactured and designed to handle a high volume of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. Barrier has life expectancy of 3 million operations and comes with a 1 year warranty. The boom arm can be raised to 90 degrees in an event of a power failure with a crank handle.

Genius Traffic Barrier

Genius™ Traffic Barriers

Traffic Barriers - a device that controls the movement of vehicles in and out of premises. The Traffic Barrier raises and lowers a boom arm in a vertical motion to close and open the roadway (to allow and stop traffic flow).

Bag Closing Technology: Band Sealer

Glueing Machinery

Buckle Packaging's range of glueing machinery consists of: Pinch Inner Liner Sealer PILS-200, Double Roll Closer DRC-300, Pinch Bag Closer PBC-5600 and TEC 3200 Hot Melt Applicators and Hot Melt Glue.

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