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Industrial Flooring (Out of Africa - Ucrete MF)

Polyurethane, Epoxy and Chemical Screeds, Linings and Coatings

Seamless polyurethane floor screeds and linings ranging in thickness from 1mm - 20mm specifically designed for the food, beverage, chemical and allied industries providing properties of strength, chemical resistance, hygiene, safety and cleanability in a range of aesthetically pleasing colours.

Pro Wing™ Speedstile

Pro Wing™ Speedstile

The Pro Wing™ Speedstile is a high speed gate designed to control high volume pedestrian access in and out of buildings, train stations, bus stops like BRT terminals. The Pro Wing™ Speedstile offers low level security.

PX Print MODULE 1000

The PX print module is designed especially for the fully automatic print and apply operation in the industrial use. It can be integrated in each orientation and used for complex labeling applications.

Pyrotec PackMark

Pyrotec PackMark (Coding and Labelling Equipment)

Pyrotec PackMark is our machinery division that offers a comprehensive range of labelling, coding, print & apply labelling equipment and consumables. We exclusively supply the very latest hardware from international industry leaders Markem-Imaje, ALTech and Harland Machine Systems as well as a selection of other brands.

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