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Ehrenberg Engineering manufactures a range of specialised materials handling and brick making equipment and has steadily built up a reputation for supplying a number of industries from mining to food and beverage for a period of over 50 years!
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55 Booysens Road
Johannesburg South
South Africa

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PO Box 38078

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Solid Brick Hand Mould

Further to our existing range of hollow cement block hand moulds we herewith introduce the solid brick hand mould, suitable for the rural home builder and D.I.Y. enthusiast.

Barrow Setter

The Barrow Setter is a floor setting type machine, which can be equipped with either a standard size brick mould or any block mould as required. The moulds are easily interchangeable.

Self Emptying Rocker Barrow

Rocker barrow with simple foot release. Applications: building and construction, factory waste, packaging, manufacturing bulk articles, agricultural and refuse.

Self Tipping Rocker Barrows, Bins and Trolleys

We offer a full family of self tipping rocker barrows, bins and trolleys to cut your costs and meet your needs.

Self-Tipping Rocker Bins

Our rocker tip trailer is designed for the fast and efficient transportation of a variety of goods. Its unique tipping ability, brought about by the disengagement of the locking mechanism, allows for fast dumping or unloading. The emptied bin then rocks back into its original position.

Verdes: Brick Making Machinery

Brick making machinery, linears box-feeders, roller mills, monobloc de-airing extruders....

Specification: Rocker Bins

Specification of Ehrenberg rocker bins.

Rocker bins can do more with your forklifts

Our rocker bins are designed for fast and efficient handling of a variety of goods. They are well balanced, both empty and loaded, and the forks slide easily yet securely into the "shoes" of the bins.


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