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Cab Technology is the professional company as used by many around South Africa to provide them with the best in quality printer solutions. Having all the in-depth knowledge, combined with the right equipment has given Cab Technology this esteemed popularity. In addition, Cab Technology provide the following services: Comprehensive range of label printers and applicators Lasers for direct product marking Full colour desktop label printers
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Label dispensers HS and VS

Two dispensing directions Two versions are available so as to ensure that the labels can be removed properly for every use. HS Horizontal dispensing direction for label rolls with bottom leading print image Peel off the label upwards from its bottom edge and stick it to the product. VS Vertical dispensing direction for label rolls with top leading print image Peel off the label forward from its upper edge and stick it to the product from the shortest distance possible. Particularly suitable for larger labels as the adhesive side

Two-Color Print and Apply System Hermes C

Hermes C is the first labeling system worldwide to print and apply two-color labels in one operation. It has been developed and optimized especially for applications corresponding to the new Classification and Labeling Inventory according to GHS.

Laser marking

Laser is economic when it comes to marking small components or even large workpieces precisely and permanent. cab marking lasers have been designed to solve a wide range of applications. It is possible to mark stagnant products of metal or plastics in a wide range of industries.

CAB devices and systems

In the automotive sector, labeling ensures traceability of components to the smallest screw. In logistics, it guarantees scheduled delivery. On electrical devices, typeplates refer to performance data and use. Pharmacy sees labeling prevent from errors relevant to health, in chemistry it points out to risks associated with the handling of a product - multi-colored and without any barrier as regards language. On food, labeling informs about ingredients and on textiles about its best possible care.

Laser marking system XENO 1

XENO 1 completes the range of cab laser marking systems in the lower price segment. Processing the system complies with high industrial standards.The marking plane is adjustable in heights up to 200 mm with the motor-driven moveable Z-axis and easily and quickly with the focus finder. In case of graduated marking surfaces, the scan head is automatically tracked by software.

A – Label Printers

CAB Technology South Africa

B-X Series Printers

CAB Technology South Africa

D – Label Dispenser

CAB Technology South Africa

C – Print and Apply

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E- Marking Laser

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Labels and Printers

CAB Technology South Africa


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