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Awesome Tools are the exclusive Master Distributors of Leatherman, Led Lenser, Opinel, Benchmade, Picquic and Eze-Lap in Southern Africa. They also distribute a host of accessories to the outdoor industry
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8 Shiraz Road, Saxenburg Business Park 1
Cape Town
South Africa

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P O Box 225
Cape Town
South Africa

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Tel: +27 (0)21 9816672 • Email: • Website:


H7R WORK – Rechargeable battery

With the Magnetic Charge System, the long-life battery is charged conveniently and safely.

H7R WORK – Magnetic charging cable

The Magnetic Charge System ensures fast and safe charging.

H7R WORK – Detail of programmable switch

Smart Light Technology offers individual programmability of lighting functions directly at the lamp.

H&R WORK – Extra head swivel

The lamps can be swivelled until the light cone is vertically aligned.

P7R WORK – Protective covers for lamp head & end cap

With the innovative Flex Sealing Technology, the electronic parts of the lamp head are completely sealed against the ingress of water and dust - without any limitations of the Advanced Focus System.

P7R WORK – Intelligent clip for attaching to a belt

The Ledlenser Connecting System is an interface that allows suitable accessories to be attached to both the H-series headlamps and the P-series torches with a simple click.

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