Pallet repair made easy with Bosch

From Robert Bosch Power Tools.

The new range of sabre saw blades for pallet repair.

Bosch Power Tools SA offers a range of sabre saw blades that all feature a reverse tip, reinforced and radiused shank, vario tooth geometry and application specific bi-metal (BiM) material – making them ideal for use in pallet repair.

Four models of Bosch sabre saw blades for pallet repair applications are available locally. They are; the S722VFR, S1122VFR, S725VFR and S1125VFR. The S722VFR and S1122VFR blades feature designs optimised for ultimate flexibility, with cutting depths of 125 mm and 165 mm respectively.

The S725VFR and S1125VFR have blade dimensions optimised for low vibration levels and stability with high service life and also have cutting depths of 125 mm and 165 mm respectively. Bosch Power Tools SA Accessories senior brand manager Campbell Mhodi states that the application-specific BiM material offers the user an optimum balance of strength and flexibility for numerous surface types.

“What’s more, the vario tooth geometry provides the user with a smoother cut and lower vibration in pallet repairs, allowing for flush cuts and corner chamfer cuts on wooden pallets. The reverse tip reduces the risk of jamming and bending during operation, while the radiused shank transition increases shank life, and a special shank treatment ensures greater strength of the blade," he says.

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