BASF launches Baxxodur® EC210 a powerful aminic hardener for turbines and coatings

From BASF Construction Chemicals SA (Pty) Ltd.

BASF  has strengthened its comprehensive range of amines with a new product – cycloaliphatic diamine Methylcyclohexyldiamine (MCDA), marketed under the brand name Baxxodur® EC210.

Used as an aminic hardener in epoxy resin-based systems (epoxy systems), Baxxodur EC210 improves, for example, the manufacturing of rotor blades for wind power plants and coatings for industrial floors and bridges. BASF is currently researching additional application areas of Baxxodur EC210.

BASF produces Baxxodur EC210 at its Ludwigshafen site in Germany. The product is available in commercial quantities. With about 200 different amines, BASF has the world’s most diverse portfolio of this type of chemical intermediates.

Along with alkyl-, alkanol- and alkoxy alkylamines, the company offers heterocyclic and aromatic as well as specialty amines. The range is completed by an expanding portfolio of chiral amines of high optical and chemical purity.

These products are used mainly to manufacture process chemicals, pharmaceuticals and crop protection products, as well as cosmetic products and detergents. They also serve to produce coatings, special plastics, composites and special fibres.

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