Pumping solutions for the food and beverage industry

From Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group.

Watson Marlow pumps in action at a bakery

World leaders in innovative sinusoidal pumps, tube pumps and hose pumps, the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group offers the most simple, reliable and gentle pumping solutions for the food and beverage industry. 

"Our low-shear MasoSine sinusoidal pumps maintain the integrity of whole food products and handle highly viscous products up to 1 million cP with ease," says Watson-Marlow Bredel SA general manager Nico van Schalkwyk. "For precise metering or handling of highly abrasive fluids, there is no better solution than Watson-Marlow's peristaltic pumps."

All Watson-Marlow positive displacement pumps overcome the limitations of rotary lobe, progressive cavity pumps and diaphragm pumps, improving your process and delivering significant cost savings:

  • Ultra low shear for improved finished product quality
  • Greater accuracy and repeatability
  • Superior cleanability
  • Fast, simple, and economical maintenance
  • No complex timing gears, multiple seals or costly stators to maintain
  • No valves to clog or wear out

"Watson-Marlow's MasoSine pumps are uniquely capable of pumping high viscosity and large particulates without damage. It's the perfect pump for fragile cheese curd, stews, batters, syrups, whole fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, and juice concentrate," van Schalkwyk explains.

Major benefits of the Maso pumps include:

  • CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Steam in Place) capabilities
  • Construction materials are all FDA approved - stainless steel and polyamide internals.
  • Low bacteria formation due to machined parts and not castings.
  • Protection from cross-contamination - from power frame to wet end on the new S/S power frame.
  • 3A certification for sanitary applications.

"Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing demand sterility and a high degree of precision to ensure the integrity and quality of the end product. Fluid isolation and precise metering are vital, and not meeting these demands can be enormously costly," says van Schalkwyk. Watson-Marlow Bredel's peristaltic pumps provide total process confidence and security by:

  • Giving superior flow rate stability and metering accuracy
  • Facilitating aseptic and sterile processes
  • Providing gentle low shear pumping
  • Extending validation periods

"These tube pumps are the pumps of choice for accurate metering, dosing or spray coating of food colouring, flavours, additives or chemicals. With manual, automatic and Profibus controlled, they offer million:1 flow range, 0.1 rpm precision and pressures to 100 PSI."

Turning to the Bredel hose pumps, van Schalkwyk points out: "They are Ideal for abrasive, shear-sensitive or corrosive products and handle fluids like yeast, diatomaceous earth, vegetable peelings and rendering waste with ease.

"Bredel engineering has created an entirely new type of pump - the high-pressure hose pump. Its patented technology achieved what was believed to be impossible: the unbeatable simplicity, reliability and low maintenance needs of peristaltic pumping brought to high-flow, high-pressure duties," he concludes.

The MasoSine pump will be on display at the KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition, in fact, the stand will have a working model as well.

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