RSComponents recently launched a new range of silicone capacitors (SiCaps) from Murata Integrated Passive Solutions that implement innovative and disruptive technology. The patented technology from Murata enables the integration of a wide range of capacitor values in silicon, allowing the range to be used in many applications that require high performance and miniturisation. Some of the demanding applications targeted by the SiCap range include: use in space-constrained designs, especially for ultra-broadband; and RF/microwave and high temperature applications.

What makes the Murata SiCaps so innovative is that they improve stability over temperature, voltage and aging performance, far exceeding that offered by alternative capacitor technologies. This makes the Murata SiCaps ideal for demanding applications where stability and reliability are the main parametres, such as in aeronautics, avionics and automotive markets, as well as in medical implants.

Based on a monolithic structure embedded in a mono-crystalline substrate, the high-density silicone capacitors have been developed using a metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) process and a third dimension, height, to substantially increase surface area, and therefore capacitance, without increasing the device’s footprint.

The Murata SiCap range includes low-profile devices that are less than 100 µm thick for decoupling inside critical-space applications such as for IC decoupling or in MOS-based sensors, broadband modules and RFID products. There are also high-temperature types that can handle up to 250 °C with high stability; ultra broadband types for signals up to 60GHz+; and high-reliability medical and automotive-grade capacitors for under the hood applications up to 200 °C.

Other key features of the range include shorter interconnect for lower package parasitics, and compatibility with all packaging or assembly configurations including wire bond, bumping, laminates, leadframes and wafer-level chip-scale packaging.