Parnis Manufacturing completes E-houses for African mine

From Parnis Manufacturing.

An established track record for quality manufacture resulted in Parnis Manufacturing  securing a contract to fabricate modular electrical houses (E-House) destined for a mine in Africa.

The continued trend to make use of E-Houses has seen a marked increase in the demand for a company that can manufacture these structures to the necessary quality standards. This is according to Gary Colegate, general manager at Parnis Manufacturing, who says the latest unit was shipped to the customer at the beginning of the third quarter this year.

Contracts for E-Houses are typically secured by either EPCM contractors or electrical OEM companies, and most have neither the facilities nor the capability to undertake such large fabrication work.

Parnis Manufacturing operates a comprehensively equipped manufacturing plant south of Johannesburg and has the ability to tackle a wide range of engineering projects. Colegate says most E-Houses comprise a base frame upon which insulated panels are installed to form the basis of the wall and roof structure. The interior is then populated with the requisite electrical equipment and auxiliary systems which include HVAC, fire detection and suppression, furniture and fixtures, and gas systems as well as all cabling reticulation.

‘Because E-Houses are custom built for individual customer requirements, it is essential that close communication between all parties is maintained, and this includes the dovetailing of all activities within our facility to ensure that the installation of electrical and other systems can be completed in line with the construction programme,’ Colegate says.

The E-Houses in question are intended to serve not only as an electrical control room, but also include office space and toilet.

Established in 1975 by CEO Mario Guerini, Parnis Manufacturing is focused on the fabrication and machining of medium to heavy engineering components for a variety of local industries. It also undertakes container conversions.

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