Are you comfortable in your workplace?

From DG Lab Services.

While we may be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial revolution with automation and robotics becoming a reality, people still remain the key component in the workplace.

The reality is that we spend the major part of our adult lives at work. It is therefore important our workplace meets our comfort requirements in order for us to be at our productive peak.

And this is not just an opinion. Incorporating comfort in the workplace has become so crucial that a recent article by “EHS Today” describes a new safety management system i.e. the ISO45001 management system, which focuses on the improvement and implementation of workplace ergonomics ( 45001-model-managing-workplace-ergonomics).

What exactly is Ergonomics?

It can be described as a study of people and their working conditions as a means to improve their effectiveness.

There are several aspects to consider when creating a conducive workplace environment, which are highly dependent on the activities of the work involved. Each work area will need to be looked at as a whole in order to implement a system involving the correct equipment or products for people to conduct their work comfortably.

One of the more critical items required in any workplace environment are chairs.

DG Lab Services is a supplier of high quality laboratory and industrial chairs, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Use of the correct chair can be a direct influencer of productivity levels and should be a major part of the decision making process when considering the ergonomics of each area of your work environment.

So whether you are an operator on a plant or the CEO of a company, your comfort levels in your daily activities play a vital role in determining how effective you are which ultimately impacts on the overall productivity and success of your organisation.

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