Shelve your shelving and racking concerns – SSC will meet all your requirements

From SSC Shelving and Racking.


SSC Shelving and Racking  (SSC) has been in the second hand shelving and racking industry for over 30 years and is are able to supply the biggest and the smallest companies with their shelving and racking requirements. SSC’s experienced staff undergo rigorous training to ensure all work is done according to universally accepted health and safety standards. The company is often called upon by large organisations to install, repair and even relocate racking from one place to another.

Why SSC Shelving and Racking?

SSC takes pride in offering decades of quality services in new and second hand shelving and racking manufacturing industry. With over 30 years of industry know-how its clients benefit from low-priced shelving and racking, convenient and faster delivery as well as service excellence in the greater Gauteng (Johannesburg & Pretoria) and South Africa at large.

Racking services

When it comes to heavy duty racking and shelving it is imperative that you consult with a professional shelving company to assist you in your storage planning. Second-hand shelving provides an affordable solution for large volume racking requirements. Should you prefer new racking in your factory or warehouse, SSC’s shelving experts can assist in supplying the most durable, high-quality shelves.

Pallet Racking

Previously used pallet racks can be just as durable as new shelving, however it is far cheaper. Should you prefer new pallet racking, SSC can supply these to you at the most affordable prices from reputable shelving companies in South Africa, while ensuring you receive the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

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