Applications for Mentis expanded metal are growing

From Andrew Mentis.


With almost 70 years of experience in the manufacture of expanded metal products, Andrew Mentis  has been supplying a growing range of applications using this high quality and versatile material.

From screens, grates, scaffolding and truck bodies to walkways, tunnel linings and garden furniture, the uses are many and varied. Much of the attraction lies in the inherent structural integrity of expanded metal, as the strength is not compromised during the manufacturing process. Another great advantage is that light and air can easily pass through, creating opportunities for various innovative applications.

While the mesh is considerably lighter than the equivalent area of steel plate – as the original sheet can be expanded up to ten times – the network of rigid strands adds strength. It is either produced as raised mesh called Mentex, or as a flattened mesh known as Flatex. Normally manufactured from high quality local mild steel, both the Mentex and Flatex can also be manufactured from any other ductile metal.

These are available in a range of thicknesses and mesh sizes. ‘Mini meshes’ have openings as small as 1,4 mm by 2 mm and a thickness of 0,4 mm, while larger meshes have openings up to 115 mm by 300 mm openings and a thickness of 6 mm. While expanded metal is normally supplied unpainted, it can be finished with painting, stove enamelling, plating or galvanising.

Lance Quinlan, national technical sales consultant at Andrew Mentis, says the application of expanded metal is really limited only by the imagination of the designer or engineer, and the material is widely used in sectors as diverse as mining, construction and food. Expanded metal has even been used in the building of grain silos, and for decorative purposes.


Among the range of Andrew Mentis building products and architectural expanded metal products already widely used in the marketplace is the Mentis Angle Bead. This product provides a true straight-edge for forming an arris – or sharp edge – in plasterwork, which resists chipping or cracking. The Mentex Expanded Riblath is an effective plaster base for walls and ceilings and permanent shuttering for concrete, while the Mentis Plaster Stop delivers a straight-edge and finish for plaster at all openings and abutments.

Also in the range is Mentlath 213, used to provide a key for plaster and as a reinforcement to minimise cracking, as well as Mentex Strip Mesh 210, for plaster reinforcing along lines of potential weakness – such as at the corners of doors and window frames. Brickforce is for reinforcing in brickwork to strengthen walls, and Mentex 188/99 hailguards prevent gutters from filling up with hail, dirt and leaves.

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