Local manufacturing in an ever evolving world

From Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery.

Keeping pace with evolutions in the global market is a challenge for all stakeholders. Equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools to remain sustainable is critical and is one in which the South African manufacturing sector plays a large role.

One focus of the SAIMechE free-to-attend seminar is the future of local manufacturing in an ever evolving world. Held at the inaugural Local Southern African Manufacturing Expo from 21 to 23 May, three one-hour sessions on 23 May consider a number of issues particularly relevant to the Southern Africa manufacturing space.

The importance of exporting

In the first session, presented by Eric Bruggeman – chairman and CEO of SACEEC (South African Capital Equipment Export Council) – the importance of local manufacturing within South and southern African is in the spotlight. Bruggeman will discuss the export council and the importance of exporting.

Local inventions

The second session focuses on managing innovation and a number of local inventions will be showcased to provide practical reinforcement.

Intelligent factories

The final session, presented by Geoff Scott, takes a look at Building intelligent factories: Inside and Out. The changing economics of production and distribution, along with shifts in consumer demand and the emergence of ‘smart’ products, are pushing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and capturing value. As much as new product and manufacturing technologies are transforming the inside of the production process, many of the same technologies are blurring the boundaries of the organisation, and even fundamentally questioning what we call a ‘factory’ in the first place.

To visit the Local Southern African Manufacturing Expo 2019 or to find out more information about the exhibition visit the website at www.localmanufacturingexpo.co.za 

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