Azize Equipment looks Sunward

From Sunward SA.

Azize Equipment has secured the sole rights to supply, service and support the full line of world-class quality Sunward drill rigs and excavators to South Africa and surrounding countries. 

Experienced partner for Azize

Listed on the Shenzen stock exchange and a top 50 global construction equipment manufacturer that produces over 11 000 excavators and drilling rigs per annum, Sunward Equipment Group  is perfectly positioned as a highly reputable and experienced partner for Azize.

‘We are extremely excited about the birth of a 100 percent black owned Azize, a Level 1 company, and our partnership with the globally renowned Sunward Equipment Group,’ says an enthusiastic Pascal Mbambo, managing director of Azize Equipment. ‘The name Azize is of Afro-Asiatic origin meaning powerful and valuable which is a perfect representation of our company, products and services as well as how we perceive our customers.’

Sunward is a well-tested and globally respected brand and is certainly not new to the African continent. Outside of South Africa, numerous Sunward machines operate in Namibia, Zimbabwe and the DRC. While Sunward machines feature all the best-in-class components necessary to get the job done and compete head to head with other brands, they are significantly less complex than many other options in the market.

Training centre

Azize has invested substantially in training, a key element to ensure the correct and safe operation of Sunward machines for optimal and reliable performance.  Three factory-trained engineers have moved to Carolina to train and transfer skills to the service and commissions team. Plans for substantial expansion include a training centre and test site that will offer a turnkey solution for our drilling customers. The unique training centre will also accommodate trainees during conversion and training on machines.

Committed to job creation, Azize plans to open branches in small South African mining towns with high unemployment levels. ‘While our main focus is on black-owned companies, we are also looking to partner with small and start-up businesses,’ confirms Mbambo. He adds that Azize is poised to grow with customer demand through the expansion of the Sunward machine offerings as well as through the establishment of footholds in Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.     

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