Maintenance, construction and cleaning projects at height, no longer need to be interrupted by low battery warnings, thanks to the exceptional charge capacity of the JLG ES Series scissor lift range.

“Just a single charge lets users work for twice as long and outperform standard electric aerial platforms that are typically designed to last for only a single shift,” says Larry Smith, Managing Director at Eazi Sales & Service, South Africa’s sole supplier of JLG mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). “The result is faster, more economical and safer project completion afforded by greater up-time and reliability.”

The ES Series includes five models ranging in working heights of 7.7m to over 14m, with the largest scissor lift featuring a 450kg capacity. These features, along with the exceptional battery life, make the ES Series ideal for various tasks spanning both everyday maintenance and specialist applications:

“JLG has simplified controls significantly on the ES Series by making it easier to manoeuvre and control while at the same time boosting overall operator safety,” says Smith. These advances in design include the Pro-Fit Controls, which are angled for better ergonomics as well as safety. Standard automatic traction control further increases handling on a variety of terrain types.

The range’s direct electric drive helps to improve reliability by minimising the number of moving parts. The lift system also features an integrated pump, motor and valve, which simplifies maintenance and almost eliminates the risk of an oil leak.

“Hydraulically-powered systems require pumps, cylinders and other mechanical components to operate, whereas electric drives feed directly off a battery. This technology offers other advantages such as 60% more duty cycles on a single charge as well as greater platform stability from the way the scissor pack is designed,” says Smith.

These features make the ES Series ideal for various environments, from indoor building maintenance to outdoor construction tasks. The high load capacities further ensure nearly any task can be performed at height, from welding and cleaning, to specialised maintenance using bulky tools and multiple personnel.