Powerful, profitable, compact - Wacker Neuson telescopic handlers

From Wacker Neuson South Africa.

The unique and innovative features of the powerful, compact, versatile and economical Wacker Neuson 1245 and 2506 Telescopic Handlers provide users with significant savings in cycle times, and therefore on operating costs.

Rugged reliable Wacker Neuson compact 2506 Telescopic Handlers offer an all-round economical versatile choice

"The rugged, reliable Wacker Neuson compact Telescopic Handlers offer an all-round economical, versatile choice," says Eugene Brown, Managing Director of Wacker Neuson in South Africa. "The compact design of the Wacker Neuson 1245 Telescopic Handler allows for effortless manoeuvrability, especially in small spaces. Also, with its’ light weight, it is the perfect choice for customers who need to work on fresh concrete decks, where the payload requirements rule out the use of skid steer loaders."

"Operation, even for a novice, is easy, uncomplicated and safe, thanks our Vertical Lift System, which makes continual pallet placement a pleasure for operators. By keeping the pallet level, so much stress is removed from the operator," says Brown. "No job is too tough for this compact Telescopic Handler. The powerful 4 wheel drive system, very low transport weight and impressive digging performance are amongst the stand out features our customers are asking for," says Brown. "Although the 1245 is a small machine, it boasts an impressive payload of 1200kg at a maximum lifting height of 4 300mm."

Moving to the Wacker Neuson compact 2506 telehandler, Brown says that the robustly built Wacker Neuson Telescopic Handlers of the 6 meter lifting height class offer the market a really innovative lift arm control system, super tough monocoque chassis and low transport weight.

Wacker Neuson Telescopic Handlers of 6m lifting height class - innovative lift arm control system

"With a height and width of less than 2m, and high ground clearance, the 2506 can go where normal wider and higher machines cannot go, "explains Brown. The robust, twist-resistant frame allows for precision manoeuvrability without machine or product damage. The machine’s powerful hydraulic system is coupled with an intuitive and precise joystick for boom control, and this is all made easily available to the operator through Wacker Neuson’s acclaimed Smart Handling System. "Obviously, when operating a telescopic handler, you are able to lift heavy weights up high, and machine stability and safety is of utmost importance. Whilst all telescopic handlers have to conform to stringent standards protecting the machine and the operator from potentially unsafe overload conditions, it is how easily the Wacker Neuson Smart Handling System allows the operator to stay in the safe zone that really sets us apart from the opposition."

With no input from the operator, and with the machine in Bucket Mode, the boom is automatically retracted as it is lowered, thereby continually keeping the machine within its safe working zone, allowing the bucket to lower almost vertically, while the boom is simultaneously retracted.

"Working with the bucket is only one of the duties of a Telescopic Handler, another safety-critical function is forklift-type work. Let's assume that an operator has just loaded a pallet of column supports off of the second story of a building. Often they will reverse, and start lowering the boom at the same time. Very quickly the machine moves into an overloaded zone, and the boom lowering is cut by the machine’s electric system. With any other machine, the operator will have to stop lowering, retract the boom manually until the machine is out of the overloaded zone, and then to continue lowering the boom. This is often repeated a few times before the load is actually low enough for the operator to drive the machine. Our machine is different: When Stacking Mode is selected on the Smart Handling System, it allows the boom to be automatically retracted if it gets into an overloaded zone whilst lowering, and then continues with manual control once the machine is in a safe zone," says Brown. 

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