Buckle Packaging (Pty) Ltd

Pacepacker Total Bag ControlPacepacker has proved to the world that the automation of sack packing and palletising based on realistic installed costs can pay for itself in months rather than years.OK Carton Erecting and AssemblyOK 220Simple Operation.Easy Maintenance.15 Boxes/Trays per minute.Low Running Costs.Compact Footprint.Stainless Steel as Standard.Flexibility - Tray/Box Size.Flexibility - Bag Length.Can be integrated into existing production line or used as a stand alone unit.OK-200-ACEThe new OK-200-ACE erects a corrugated case, makes a polybag and places the bag neatly into the case with the bag neck cuffed over giving an hygienic protective lining ready for filling.Conveyor SystemsSaxon 2 Mini SystemSaxon 2 Mini System with 2.5m long x 200mm flat bed conveyor on mobile dolly.Wooden Slatted Conveyor3.3m long x 400mm wide wood slate conveyor.5m Long Wooden Slatted Conveyor with FISCHBEIN MP100 Stitching machine & SAXON SH1000 hot air Heat sealer.

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