P7T + P9T – Series P Airfoil Profile

This is an advanced generation of the successful 7X- and 9X-series of axial impellers. The blades of the X-series were fixed in their conical hub cavities by means of either a rivet or a locking bolt. This method of fixing becomes obsolete due to the newly developed cylindrical blade root and an angled locking disc. This advantage allows the user easy changes to the blade angle.

Other Wingfan Ventura products


Exhaust, circulation and ventilation fans. The VT1400 is the largest fan of its type in the local marketplace, and boasts a 1400mm (55") impeller with blades from durable and corrosion resistant aircraft grade aluminium. It is electronically balanced for optimal vibration-free operation. The impeller blades are of low noise design and self cleaning, requiring a minimum of power input.

Ventura Plate Type Oil Coolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of Plate type oil coolers.

Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

General information regarding the Ventura range of tube and shell heat exchangers.

Ventura Industrial Oilcoolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of industrial oil coolers.

Ventura Integral Fans

General information regarding the Ventura Cooling and Ventilations range of integral fans.

Swirl Cool Oil Coolers

General information regarding the Ventura range of Swirl cool oil coolers.

Ventura Thin LIne U Tube

General information regarding the Ventura range of thin line U-tube coolers.

K7Z – Series K – Circular Arc Profile Axial Impellers

The K7Z series was specifically developed as a cooling fan for internal combustion engines and is an enhanced version of the successful 6Z-series of impellers. The new K7Z-series presents the following advantages: by twisting the blade, the efficiency is improved and two additional blade angle positions are available for an even better approximation of the working point.

P2H + P3H – Series P Airfoil Profile

The P2H and P3H-series of axial impellers utilise blades with an airfoil profile. This profile is chosen for a wide range of applications including HVAC, compressor and engine driven equipment. The blade dimension is chosen to provide a uniform air speed over the entire useable blade area, resulting in optimum performance.

P4Z + P5Z + P6Z – Series P Airfoil Profile

The P4Z, P5Z AND P6Z-Series of axial impellers utilise blades with an airfoil profile. This profile is chosen for a wide range of applications including HVAC, compressor and engine driven equipment. The blade dimension is chosen to provide a uniform blade area, resulting in optimum performance.

R4Z – Series R – Reversible Impellers

The R4Z-series of axial impellers have been developed for applications requiring reversible operation. The symmetrical blade profile allows reversed operation in order to move an equal air volume in either direction. Compared to the common compromise, where every second blade is turned by 180°C, the Wingfan series R4Z offers the following advantages: improved efficiency, lower absorbed power and lower noise levels.

S2Z + S4Z + S6Z – Series S – Sickle Profile

During the development of Wingfan S2Z, S4Z and S6Z series of impellers, one of the main objectives was to reduce noise levels. An impressive 2 to 4 dBA noise level reduction was achieved. The wide sickle shaped profiles ensure stable pressure curves, high efficiency and low absorbed power. A given air capacity can often be obtained with a lower number of sickle blades than conventional airfoil blades and therefore at lower cost.

Axial Fans and Fan Drives: S16H – Sickle Profile

For efficient system cooling and ventilation. The S16H blade profile was developed using the latest CFD techniques for optimum performance in applications with many obstructions in the air path. The slender width of the blade makes it ideal for use with fan drives together with our special fan drive hubs even when little space is available.

U8Z – Series U – Circular Arc Profile

The U8Z-series of impellers is a successful development of the 8W-series. This series of impellers was specifically developed to produce high flow rates at relatively low rotational speeds. The blades have a regular circular arc profile with a consistent blade width from tip to root. The U8Z-series is specifically designed for ventilation systems, condensers, refrigeration plants, air conditioning plants, coolers and cooling towers...

Series V – One-Piece Impellers

The blades and hub of the impellers of the Series V are fixed to each other, that means, they are made of one piece. They are designed for large quantities and have a fixed direction of rotation. They are available with standardised spigot holes and corresponding bolt patterns, suited for some of the well-known manufacturers of combustion engines.


Solarvent offers a range of high and low pressure solar geysers that are excellent energy-savers as well as convenient year-round suppliers of hot water. Solarvent is also in line with the latest building regulations in South Africa (SANS 10400) that require alternative energy sources to be employed in all new buildings and have a marked focus on environmental sustainability.

Product Overview

Ventura Engineering Equipments products range from radiators and oil coolers to cooling fans. The products are manufactured to the highest standards, to suit each clients unique technical requirements. These components are mainly designed for heavy duty requirements and have been adapted for use as fuel and water coolers as well as heaters. Ventura products can be used in a wide variety of applications.

WingFan Axial Cooling Fans

WingFan boasts a range of axial cooling fans which are extremely reliable for heavy duty cooling applications. These WingFan-fans are available in different families with blade counts between 3 and 16 blades. They are available in diameters ranging from 300 to 2000 mm.

Cooling and Ventilation

Ventura Engineerings range of cooling and ventilation equipment includes heavy duty cooler units, oil coolers, Tripac range of high performance fans, mobile cooling units, air blast cooler units, stock oil cooler range, shell and tube coolers, plate type coolers, circulation fans, cone exhaust fans, hanging fans for circulation in large open areas...

WingFan Impellers

WingFan Axial impeller range includes tube and plate axial fans. Applications: Diesel engines, ventilation, compressors, cooling towers etc.

Oil Coolers, Cooling Packs, Cooling Fans

Wingfan Ventura

Ventura Cooling Packs: We manufacture our own range of industrial cooling packs. They are based on the Hayden and Modine industrial oil coolers.Cooling Fans: The fans Ventura supply are engineered to provide the efficient air flow necessary to meet the cooling requirements of todays demanding engines. The one piece injection molded fan blade is designed to provide long fan life in the harshest environments and offers weight reductions of up to 70% when compared to metal fans. This weight reduction gives longer life to fan clutch linings, bearings, water pumps and fan belts. The fans have the following applications:AgricultureConstructionAutomotiveMilitaryIndustrialHeavy, medium & light duty trucksIntercoolers: We are able to supply intercooler cores for various industrial applications ranging from air compressors to construction equipment.

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