Pressure Testers

The Hawk pressure testing unit is specially designed to test pipes at high pressure for any leaks. The unit is connected to one end of the pipe and the other end is blocked. The pipe is then filled with water and pressurised in order to test the pipe. Once the desired pressure is reached the unit is turned off and the gauge monitored. Any drop in pressure would indicate a leak.

Other Hawk High Pressure Pumps products

Diesel High Pressure Cleaners

Hawks range of diesel high pressure cleaners. Available with a wheelbarrow chassis, a 4-wheel push trolley and a 4-wheel steerable trolley.

Cabinet High Pressure Cleaners

A cabinet mounted high pressure washer is ideal for static cleaning stations such as car washes, truck washes, abattoirs etc. The cabinets are manufactured from durable 304 stainless steel and are available as floor or wall mounts. The electric pressure washer system is enclosed in the cabinet with doors for easy accessibility for maintenance and repairs.

Drain and Tube Cleaning Equipment

Hawk manufacture a range of high pressure drain and sewer cleaning machines powered by petrol or diesel engines. Hawk have a range of pipe and drain cleaning nozzles. They are high-performance nozzles and cover a wide range of applications. The range consists of standard retro nozzles and "bombs" for sewer cleaning, sand removal "sleighs" for storm water drains as well as milling cutters and chain cutters for sewers blocked with debris and roots.

Car Wash High Pressure Cleaners and Other Equipment

Hawk car wash systems are available in several versions to suit any car wash from smaller operations to large truck washing installations. For car washing a high pressure cleaning unit with pressures of between 100 - 150bar is usually required (anything higher and decals may be stripped of vehicle). Cleaners with a volume output of 10 - 15l/min is sufficient.

ECO Series High Pressure Pumps

The ECO series of high pressure pumps has been specifically designed for inexpensive misting/fogging applications. These pumps can also be installed in compact pressure washers with small flow rates and low operating pressures.

Multi-Pump Chicken House Cleaning Trailer

Originally designed to clean poultry houses, these multi-user trailers are also suitable for other livestock cleaning applications. Electric, petrol and diesel options are available and each trailer has a 500 litre water tank. Trailers can be configured for 2, 3 or 4 users, each user with its own pump and hose reel with 100m HP hose. The trailers are made from hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Electric High Pressure Cleaners

Hawk offers a range of over 20 standard electric high pressure washers for industrial cleaning applications. As a local manufacturer in South Africa, Hawk is able to custom design an electric high pressure cleaner to suit specific requirements. The range includes volumes of 10 - 36 l/min and pressure of 120 - 500 bar. They are available on a variety of mobile trolleys, cabinets and trailer chassis...

Hydro Vessel Hydro-Powered Power Packs

Hawks Hydro Vessels come in three models: 60, 80 and 135 litres per minute at 180 bar. The units are enclosed within a robust, hot-dipped galvanised steel shell which provides protection for the system and safety for the operators. They are designed to be compact and are shaped for ease of maneuverability over rough terrain as a key consideration. The power-packs can be dragged to where they will be used.

Mini Trailer High Pressure Cleaner

These high pressure washers are suitable for general cleaning applications and for domestic and industrial drain cleaning. The "mini" trailer is rated for 750kg and is unbraked. The chassis is constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel.

HFR Series: High Pressure Pumps

The HFR high pressure pumps are high volume and a popular choice for drain and sewer cleaning applications...

NMT & NPM Series: High Pressure Pumps

These high pressure piston pumps last longer and are more corrosion resistant than before. The manifold and crankcase have a new design. The u-shaped seal packings last 3 times longer than the previous design. The crankshaft length has been extended to 40mm, making these piston pumps better for coupling to electric motors. The ceramic pistons are attached to the piston guide using a nut which prevents accidental unscrewing. The NMT pressure pump range is now also available with nickel-plated head and plugs.

NST Series: High Pressure Pumps

Hawk has been making major improvements to their already outstanding range of pumps using a computer design program called FEM. This program predicts where a pump could be upgraded. The latest group of pumps to be analysed is the NST range. The pumps are now available in a bare shaft version or hollow shaft for direct coupling to electric motors, saving space and the need for bell housings and flexible couplers.

Petrol High Pressure Cleaners

Petrol pressure washers are suitable for cleaning applications on sites where poor or no power supply is available, such as construction sites and remote areas. Hawk offers a range of petrol high pressure washers for industrial cleaning applications.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Hot water high pressure washers are ideal for removing oil, grease and other heat reactive substances. The Hawk E-Hot electric hot water high pressure washer makes use of an electric element to heat the water up to 65 degrees Celsius which then passes through the high pressure pump...

Stope Water Jetter

Hawk has re-designed the traditional stope water jetting unit to be far more economical and practical than its predecessors, while still being able to pack a powerful punch. This version has many new and beneficial features: compact casing, easy accessibility and direct coupling.

PX-I Series: High Pressure Pumps

The PX-I series of high pressure pumps have very robust manifolds with stainless steel valve plugs to reduce the possibility of bursting plugs in situations where pressure spikes can occur. They have been redesigned with 24mm shafts and the range has been extended to include pressure outputs of 500bar.

Safety Showers and Eyewashes

Safety in industry is a very serious and important issue, especially when toxic chemicals or fire is a concern. Safety showers are used to drench a person who has come in contact with a chemical or substance that requires quick removal. Hawks range of safety showers and eyewashes consists of: U-type - platform operated safety shower, single column - platform operated safety shower, single column - lever operated safety shower, single column - pull chain safety shower, wall-mounted pull chain safety shower and a pedal operated eyewash pedestal.

XLT-I Series: High Pressure Pumps

The XLT high pressure pumps have been redesigned to improve the lifespan of pumps and the range has been extended to larger volume pumps. Every component has been carefully engineered, crafted and tested to exceed the rigorous demands of the cleaning industry. This modified range of pumps has been designed using the Finite Element Method of computer-aided engineering. The XLT pumps have a brass head and 3 ceramic pistons which are self-lubricating...

HHP Series: High Pressure Pumps

The HHP series of high pressure pumps have manifolds constructed from Ecobrass which is an environmentally friendly brass alloy which has a very high mechanical strength, equivalent to 316SS. It is more cost-effective than the stainless steel versions. As there is no lead in the alloy, it is suitable for pumping of drinking water. This piston pump is also suitable for pumping sea water.

HAWK 4200LP LinePro: Line Marking Unit

The Hawk LinePro is a line marking machine which is ideal for marking of roads, parking lots, garages, factories, sports fields and schools. It is easy to use, simple to maintain and durable enough to suit the tough South African market.

Sporty: Field Marking Solutions

The Sporty is the next generation in line marking solutions for sports fields. Its ease of use and durability makes it a clear winner when it comes to marking clean straight and curved lines on sports fields. They are perfect for schools, sports clubs and municipalities for applying line marking paint quickly and with the minimum of effort. The tank is pressurised using the easy hand pump and the material is then applied at pressure through the nozzle.

Safety Showers and Eyewashes

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

Hawk manufactures a range of emergency safety showers and eye wash stations which are used to reduce the risks of exposure to harmful chemicals. These emergency showers are simple to install and easy to operate.The range includes wall-mounts, single column and U-type safety showers manufactured from 304 stainless steel that is passivated and electro-polished for added protection against corrosion. This makes it extremely durable. These showers are activated by pull-chain, lever or step-on platform.An eye wash bowl can be attached to the shower as an optional extra or installed as a free-standing unit. They are handy for flushing any foreign substances quickly from the eyes and is activated by moving a lever or using a foot pedal. Aeration nozzles are used to ensure eyes are gently flushed.

High Pressure Piston Pumps

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

As one of South Africa's most established pump suppliers, Hawk offers a wide range of Industrial Pumps, Agricultural Pumps and Miscellaneous Pumps.Hawk International is our primary brand. These superior high pressure piston pumps are Italian crafted using top technology. They are available with volume outputs of up to 120l/min and pressures up to 500bar.HPP Pumps is another exceptional brand of pumps exclusive to Hawk South Africa. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications and offer volume outputs of up to 480l/min and up to 1000bar pressure.Hawk South Africa also offer Udor Pumps, Pratissoli Pumps, Neron Hydraulically-operated Pumps and many more. 

Spray Nozzles

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

Hawk offers a wide range of nozzles to suit almost any application. They are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass and plastic.

High Pressure Washers

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

Hawk is a leading South African manufacturer of industrial high pressure cleaning equipment with an enviable reputation for being able to custom design solutions for local problems.High pressure washers are manufactured at the Durban factory where quality and practicality are always considered. The resulting solutions are designed to be robust enough for the tough African market.

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