Genius™ Rapid Access Barrier

From Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd.
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The Genius Rapid Access Control BGST201 and BGST – D107 barrier is manufactured and designed to handle a high volume of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. The barrier is equipped with a 24V DC motor which lifts the boom arm through a sinusoidal level system which allows the boom arm to be locked in both up and down position. Barrier has life expectancy of 3 million operations and comes with a 1 year warranty. 

The boom arm can be raised to 90 degrees in an event of a power failure with a crank handle.Up to 2 tension springs can be used for counter balancing. 

Left and right-hand barriers are available with octagonal boom arms. The boom arm can be supplied as a straight arm or with a jack knife kit (90 degree or 180 degree) and the boom arm can also be equipped with a fence or curtain. The barrier requires minimum maintenance. Battery back-up option is available. BGST-D107 comes standard with LED robot on cabinet.


  •  Speed is adjustable
  1. 1.5 sec motor, speed can be adjusted from 1.5 sec to 3 sec;
  2. 3 sec motor, speed can be adjusted from 3 sec to 6 sec.
  3. Open & close speed can be different.
  •  Auto boom arm return function. Built-in sensor can detect when boom arm hits an obstacle and will return to the open position.
  •  Auto slow down function. Barrier arm will automatically slow down before it is fully closed or open.
  •  Intelligent open close limit sensor. Limit sensor will detect open & close position automatically. No need to adjust it by hand.
  • Position memory function. The motor can remember limit position, so the boom arm will move back to right position even if the motor is cranked manually with a handle.
  • Motor operates with lower working temperature.
  • High duty cycle – estimated at 3 million open and closing.


  • This Product requires minimum maintenance
  • The barrier has a life expectancy of 3 million operations and comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Battery back-up option is available


  • Maximum straight boom length – 3m - 1.5 sec – 3sec; 4.5m - 3 sec – 6sec   
  • Opening and closing times – 1.5s to 6s
  • Voltage – 24VDC / 220V AC
  • Frequency – 50HZ
  • Motor power consumption – 60W
  • Working temperature – -30° to 80°C
  • Housing dimension – 355(Width)*280(Depth)*1050(Height)mm, 50kgs
  • Weight not including barrier boom – 50kgs
  • Drive – 24V DC Motor / 220VAC
  • Maximum Remote Control Distance – ≤40m
  • Battery back-up – Optional 24V only
  • Control Logic – 11 Pin Plug in BL101 Combo Logic

Product images

Genius Rapid Access Barrier BGST-D107 Genius Rapid Access Barrier BGST201 Genius Rapid Access Barrier BGST-D107 with fence