Sikalastic 800 Series

From Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
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Sikalastic 800

Sikalastic 800 series is a two part elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing pure polyuria liquid applied membrane with very good chemical resistance. 

This is a versatile range of polyuria coatings used for waterproofing, abrasion resistance and protective coatings.


  • This new technology is to resolve problematic applications; it has higher physical properties, less damage / repair.
  • Sikalastic 800 series has a longer design life with lower maintenance costs.
  • Faster applications with less site complexity and with seamless and monolithic properties.
  • This system boasts high chemical and abuse resistance.


  • Highly impermeable
  • Elastomeric, tough, seamless
  • Abrasion and erosion resistant
  • Bridge and pan across cracks and joints
  • Easy and fast application
  • Strong adhesion to substrate
  • No volatile organic compound (VOC's)

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Sikalastic 800 Sikalastic 800 Sikalastic 800