Sikalastic MTC Green (MTC - Moisture Triggered Chemistry)

From Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
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Sikalastic MTC

Sikalastic 600 series is a cold applied, seamless, highly elastic, one component, moisture triggered polyurethane coating system designed to provide easy application and durable solution in combination with BC (base coat) and TC (top coat).


Sikalastic 600 series is used for roofs displaying complex detail areas, even when accessibility is limited. It has a cost efficient life cycle extension of failing roofs. Sikalastic 600 series is also used for reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs.

Over 20 years track record, easy and quick application, fast curing, resistant to rain damage, seamless waterproofing membrane, fully bonds to most substrates preventing the migration of water.


  • Completely seamless, fully bonded waterproofing system
  • Root resistant
  • Zero heat, zero flame application
  • Hightensile strength- resist tear from building movement
  • High elasticity - allows for greater thermal movement
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Environmentally friendly, no CO2 release

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Sikalastic MTC Sikalastic MTC Sikalastic MTC Sikalastic MTC