Warrior™ Road Blocker

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Warrior™ Road Blocker

The Road Blocker is a device to stop any wheeled vehicles access into the premises. Mainly designed to protect the national key point site where ultra high level of security is required.

The Road Blocker is a steel constructed wedge that is mostly hydraulically driven to rise out of the road to a height of 600 - 1M. The Road Blocker is designed to destroy and stop a vehicle from entering the protected area.


Boomgate's Road Blocker is designed for simple and quick installation, minimising site disruption, and is constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including the ingress of water. This features a fully sealed hydraulic ram, heavy duty galvanised steel work and solid state inductive proximity switches. To further enhance the curb's reliability, all the electrical controls and the hydraulic units are remotely sited above ground in the vandal resistant, weatherproof control cabinet.

The Road Blocker is finished in black with reflective yellow glass beads which glow in the dark for high visibility.

1 second opening is available on request.


  • Manufactured in South Africa for harsh conditions.
  • Road Blocker requires very little maintenance.
  • Offers a high impact resistance.
  • Cost effective compared to imported road blockers.
  • Easy to install and to maintain, very low operating cost.
  • Spare parts are available ex stock.


  • It has a fast opening and closing time operation - less than 5 seconds.
  • Designed for long operation life.
  • Heavy-duty single phase or three phase motor.
  • Power supply 380V 3-phase (25a+N+E).
  • Power supply 220V 25 Amps.
  • Heavy duty electrical controls.
  • Pivoted on maintenance free, low friction bearings.
  • Self contained hydraulic power pack.
  • Safety interlocked with traffic signals.
  • Blocker positive locked in the raised position by solenoid control valve.
  • Standard 2000mm and 3000mm blocker available.
  • Fast operation - raises or lowers in 2.5 seconds for 2000mm and 3 seconds for 3000mm curb.
  • Provides a high degree of impact resistance and security.

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