WingFan Axial Cooling Fans

Wingfan Ventura

WingFan boasts a range of axial cooling fans which are extremely reliable for heavy duty cooling applications.

Cooling and Ventilation

Wingfan Ventura

Ventura Engineerings range of cooling and ventilation equipment includes heavy duty cooler units, oil coolers, Tripac range of high performance fans, mobile cooling units, air blast cooler units, stock oil cooler range, shell and tube coolers, plate type coolers, circulation fans, cone exhaust fans, hanging fans for circulation in large open areas...

WingFan Impellers

Wingfan Ventura

WingFan Axial impeller range includes tube and plate axial fans.

Pyrotec Packmark Catalogue

Pyrotec Packmark

Pyrotec PackMark has built its market knowledge and consultative approach by implementing a wide array of well-targeted coding and labelling solutions for numerous industries.

Roofing: Sikalastic® 614

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemistry) Systems incorporate a unique technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process.

Roofing: Sikalastic® 621

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Sikalastic®-621 MTC is the one stop solution for detailing on most types of roofing materials - bitumen, PVC and FPO - with added benefits.

Waterproofing: Sika White Box Concept

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Basements and other below ground structures usually need to be watertight.

Flooring: Sustainable Solutions

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Sika is dedicated to sustainable development, assuming responsibility to provide sustainable solutions in order to improve material, water and energy efficiency in construction and transportation.

HHP Series: High Pressure Pumps

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

The HHP series of high pressure pumps have manifolds constructed from Ecobrass which is an environmentally friendly brass alloy which has a very high mechanical strength, equivalent to 316SS.

HAWK 4200LP LinePro: Line Marking Unit

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

The Hawk LinePro is a line marking machine which is ideal for marking of roads, parking lots, garages, factories, sports fields and schools.

Sporty: Field Marking Solutions

Hawk High Pressure Pumps

The Sporty is the next generation in line marking solutions for sports fields.

Flow Indicators


Flocare offers a comprehensive range of flow indicators which includes the Rhodes Range, Primary Flowpoints and the Vista Range.

Flow Monitors


Flocare offers a comprehensive range of flow monitors which include Flowmon, Ajax and Lake Monitor.


Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

Boomgate Systems offers the widest range of Goosenecks to suit any requirement.

Pro Wing Speedstile Retractable

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

This versatile product is suitable for most entrance control.

Typhoon Motorised Pedestrian Swing Gate Barrier 90° & 180° – Round

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

The Typhoon Special Needs Gate is designed to offer reliable controlled access such as banks, reception areas, reception areas, airports, leisure facilities, museums or where medium level of security is required.

Typhoon Special Needs Gate (Semi-Automated)

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

Our Special Needs Gate is designed to offer reliable controlled access such as guarded lobbies, reception areas, museums, libraries and health clubs.

Advertising Barrier

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

Boomgate have launched the first real advertising barrier in South Africa.

Rocker bins can do more with your forklifts

Ehrenberg Engineering

Our rocker bins are designed for fast and efficient handling of a variety of goods.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

Boomgate Systems offers Walk Through Metal Detectors to suit any requirement.The Popular 2000 was designed as a quality security detector with most features of the more expensive units.

Magna Locks

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

Magna Locks are the most versatile magnetic locks on the market.

Genius™ Rapid Access Barrier

Boomgate Systems (Pty) Ltd

The Genius Rapid Access Control barrier is manufactured and designed to handle a high volume of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle.

Mackie DIY – Product Catalogue

I B Mcintyre (Mackie DIY)

The Mackie Brand has become South Africas No 1 hardware choice and is highly respected in the market place where it has earned the reputation by offering a wide range of essential hardware items.

Laser Printer

Signea Systeme

Steered beam laser marking equipment.

VII Jet Laser Machines

Signea Systeme

The VII Laser Printers series provides high-performance marking and engraving lasers handle nearly all marking and engraving tasks.

HandJet EBS-260

Signea Systeme

The EBS-260 with a multiple of new functions, is the big brother of the hugely successful EBS-250 printing system.

HandJet EBS-250D

Signea Systeme

The Handjet EBS-250D - A revolutionary, technically innovative hand-held device for portable marking and coding applications.

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