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Industrial Buyer is an easy-to-use information catazine for the general manufacturing and engineering sectors in southern Africa. Readers of the publication stay up-to-date with industry product updates. The publication is structured in such a way that the reader can find the information they are looking for in a hassle-free way, bridging the gap between buyer and seller. Industrial Buyer is available in print and online and is ensured extensive coverage of the packaging and printing; food and beverage; as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing industries; the building and construction sector; and transport industry. This extensive readership base also covers electrical, electronic and general manufacturing and engineering. With a constant updating facility, all databases retain their clear focus while keeping track of your target audience.


Products in this publication include: Access control; air conditioning/heating; bag filling & sealing systems; cleaning equipment, services & accessories; flooring systems; lifting equipment; marking & coding systems; materials handling machinery & equipment; testing equipment; packaging machinery & equipment; pallets; pumps & accessories; safety/security equipment accessories & systems; sealants, waterproofing & insulation; shelving & racking; storage systems & equipment; testing equipment & measurement control; trucks, trailers & tractors; and x-ray inspection equipment.

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